Partnering with libraries
to manage ex-collection and donated materials

Re-using & Recycling Books since 2001


A constant stream of weeded and donated books. Limited storage and processing space. Diminished funding. Declining staff budgets. Shrinking volunteer base.


Libraries and Friends need a partner to manage logistics and generate funds for surplus weeded and donated books.


With eight operations facilities in the US and Canada, B-Logistics will collect and pay you immediately for your unused library books.

B-Logistics is the library service division of Discover Books, a large buyer and seller of good quality used books. We are establishing results-oriented partnerships with public and university/college libraries across the country.

Discover Books pays for ex-library materials upon receipt based on shipment volume/weight. We coordinate and pay for the freight, arrange the logistics based on each partner's schedule, and cut checks for materials received within 10 days. There are no sorting requirements, no fees or costs, and no reporting or payment delays. Just simplified logistics and immediate cash back to the library!

Shipment minimums for payment are as follows:

  • Local pick-ups - 1,000 pound minimum (50+ fully packed boxes)
  • Non-local truckload pick-ups - 24+ fully packed gaylords on pallets

To date, we have donated more than six million books to schools and nonprofits, diverted over hundreds of millions of pounds of books from landfills, and generated millions of dollars for libraries. For more information about Discover Books, please visit:

Please email us at or call us at 1-888-218-2280